Open Source Strategie

As individual as necessary, as standardised as possible

We want to create solutions, without reinventing the wheel. Consequently, the expertise of Open Source software has been an important element of our strategy ever since we founded our company. But for us Open Source is more than just “source-code open software without user licence costs”. Open Source contributes significantly to the establishment of open standards and interfaces. The realisation of the individual wishes of our customers offers us an opportunity to make our contribution.

Open Source is understood to be software with licensed contracts which include the following criteria:
01 The software, i.e. its source code, is available in a readable form.
02 The software may be copied, distributed and used as often as desired.
03 The software may be changed and sent to others.

               These websites also contain copyright-protected pictures of third parties.


We possess the competence to integrate appropriate Open Source software into your business concept of an individual solution. Depending on the application scenario and available specifications, the solutions can be protected through additional support and guarantees of the Open Source suppliers. The decision for Open Source software does not mean a decision against your current operating software. To achieve your business goals, we will integrate our solutions into your present IT infrastructure.

Open Source makes it possible for us to supplement where the individual wishes of our customers deviate from the standard.

Advantages for the customer
01 Independence from suppliers through customisation
02 The software quality is recognisable due to the available source code.
03 Open standards and interfaces insure flexibility for modification
04 Reduces user licence costs