Corporate Portals

Central access point of the company

At each key position of a corporation all the important data should be available. That is not often the case. The required information has to be collected from various sources, involving additional passwords and programmes.



  • Advantages of a portal solution
    01 Central access to data, applications and processes
    02 Customizable user interfaces
    03 Differentiated authorisation system
    04 Single-Sign-On

In order to provide the best possible overview, we place all sources of information together on a web-based portal. All authorized personnel receive central access to the required information, applications and processes. Working with the many different programmes is unnecessary, and there is no need for shifting to other user interfaces.


Job steps that diverse programmes previously completed can be directly carried out in the corporate portal. In addition, the access rights can be finely selected so that you can even supply customers and business partners with specific information. Finally, the portal is modularly designed and can be expanded as needed.